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WENDY OBERG“Our area is lucky to have someone like her. I’d been wanting to remodel my kitchen for years. My husband and I thought that we’d have to go to Minneapolis to find an interior decorator to do what she does.“ IIt would have been a minimum of $5,000 to have Twin Cities designers of Cronk’s caliber just come here,” Oberg said. “It would have then been $200 an hour after that. Cecilia just charges a flat fee for her design and you get every penny’s worth from her.“ Cronk’s economy isn’t limited to her fee. She squeezes maximum value from the subcontractors she uses and the projects she oversees. “She’s an advocate for you and your home,” Oberg said. “She makes sure that the subcontractors get the job done above your expectations. As her business grows, the subcontractors want her business and so they work harder for her. “She actually has a higher level of standards than I do and so she often says, ’I think this can be a little bit better.’ If I tried decorating alone, that wouldn’t happen.“

KIMMIE KITTLESON Daughter of clients Deb and Todd Kittleson of Osseo, said about her Cronk-designed bedroom, “When I first walked in, I nearly had a heart attack. Every time I walk in, I still think, ’Wow!’ I don’t even have a favorite thing. I love it all. I think that it’s really cool that she painted a picture and made a bulletin board herself.“

JANET BUKLI“She’s just so pleasant,” said client Janet Buckli of Eau Claire. “She has a wonderful personality. She’s not only very, very good, but very, very easy to work with. I had her do my living room and now I’m going to have her do my basement, too.“

DEWAYNE SEVERSON “She’s a true designer and one of the best that I’ve ever known and I’ve been in the field for 42 years,” said Severson. “I know some of the famous ones in the Twins Cities and they can’t hold a candle to Cecelia. “She’s a true designer and one of the best that I’ve ever known and I’ve been in the field for 42 years,” said Severson. “I know some of the famous ones in the Twins Cities and they can’t hold a candle to Cecelia.

TAMI SEVERSON SALES AND MARKETING METROPOLIS HOTEL“The first bride that I showed it to was three feet into the room when she said, ’I’ll take it,’”Severson said. The décor in the other suites also beguiles. The New York Loft is red, black, white and gray. Itis sophisticated and calming, clean and chic. The Los Angeles Glamour suite has images of Marilyn Monroe and FrankSinatra, and sumptuous snow tiger pillows. But even the ordinary rooms are extraordinary, with distinctive décor.“We don’t have two rooms in the entire hotel that look alike,” said Severson. “Every room has different artwork, pillows and wallpaper.” What is consistent from room to room is quality.

ARRIETTA GOODBEERI was absolutely astonished with the spectacular beauty and design and the Metropolis Hotel in Eau Claire, Wisconsin when I visited this past March. I inquired about the interior designer of the hotel and was informed that Cecelia Cronk of CityLiving, Inc. designed the entire hotel. My plans were to move to Eau Claire in the autumn of 2009 and I really wanted to use the services of an interior designer to create an inviting, sophisticated, romantic and haute couture design. I was given a business card for CityLiving, Inc. at the Metropolis. I never dreamed that Cecelia Cronk would be available to design my small space within my allotted budget. Was I ever wrong! I contacted Cecelia Cronk and she inquired as to what I desired in my design concept; my budget; and she agreed to schedule a design consultation with me. Needless to say, I was thrilled and excited about the prospect of having Cecelia Cronk design my small space. I just assumed that her primary focus for her design services were for affluent and commercial clients. I mentioned that to Ms. Cronk at our initial consultation. She informed me that she believed that beautiful design should be accessible to everyone and that she vowed to give her best design services for her client’s budget. I was amazed by her reply as well as inspired. I have tremendous respect, admiration and high regard for Cecelia Cronk, her work ethics and the fact the customer service is her first priority.I am pleased to say that Cecelia Cronk and her design team completely transformed my rather old (my place is over 100 years old) and dated space into a stunning, striking and beautiful place. Her design concept is exquisite – she married the existing beauty and charm of my space with modern and contemporary elements creating the home of my dreams.I would highly recommend Cecelia Cronk and CityLiving, Inc. to anyone who desires a truly superb interior design renovation.

PAM BANNISTER Oh Cecelia, I don't even know how to thank you for all the work you did and I am just speechless to describe the beauty in my 2 bathrooms. I could have never forseen this outcome in my wildest dreams. I am going to take some pictures and put them on my facebook site this weekend. You are awesome and I thank you for everything. You know you did a good job when Tim is impressed, and couldn't believe it's even the same rooms. Love you, I've never known anyone so incredibly talented. It's like knowing Van Gogh or something, and I'm not trying to be funny, it's just that awesome. I have to bring the rest of my house up to that "code." Love you again, Pam